Podcast with Richard Susskind

The ABA Journal has published an interesting podcast with Richard Susskind with some interesting quotes:

“A better way of running state-based dispute resolution is largely using technology, rather than using traditional methods,”

“Rather than hiring a lawyer, one might instead have an online dialogue with the other party and a judge and resolve a dispute more rapidly.”

“My optimism derives from my aim in life, which is to try to make the law and dispute resolution more accessible to the ordinary person and businesses, too. Ideas about using technology present a rosy future indeed,”

“The pessimism lies in relation to those lawyers who are unwilling to change. As we move into the [2020s], unless you are adaptable, entrepreneurial and really willing to embrace technology, there’s a rather grim future ahead.”

“The answer to the question of access to justice is not to make lawyers more affordable.” The answer is to “fundamentally change the way the average person can have access to legal insight.”